Excel Vocabulary

Here some basic vocabulary used in Excel.


A Workbook is the file. It can contain many worksheets, sheets or spreadsheets (you can chose the name.

A Spreadsheet or Sheet is the surface on which you enter your data.

Ribbons are menus. But they are not called Menu anymore because they are visual, made ​​of images, rather than text.

Fill handle The small black square at the bottom-right corner of the cell or the selection. When you move your mouse on the fill handle, the pointer changes to a cross.

.xls is the extension of the Excel Files before 2007.

.xlsx: is a normal Excel file (from 2007)

.xlsm: is an Excel File that includes macro or VBA code.

.xlst: is for templates in Excel. If you save a file with this name and then double click on it, it will open with a new file name called untitled.xlsx. That you can then rename at will.

VBA: Visual Basic for Application. It is the programming language of the Microsoft Environment


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This was very short introduction but now please jump to the next parts: Do you first spreadsheet!!! step by step or go and check the various Ribbons or start with training step by step which goes through all the basics and then more advanced features of Excel, like sheet, columns, rows, how to use formulas, basic excel formulas, etc...