Ribbons (they have replaced the menus)

The ribbon is a visual solution from Microsoft to put our hands on all the functions needed to create. The term Menu is in principle no longer used with Ribbons. It started with Office 2007.

On a tablet or touch screen or Microsoft Surface, the ribbon are moved laterally with finger.

The FILE tab is not strictly speaking a ribbon and will be treated separately. Nevertheless, it serves to safeguard, printing, sharing, etc ...



ribbon png

The Home Ribbon includes all editing functions, formatting text, paragraphs, and slides.


Insert Ribbon

The Insert Ribbon allows adding objects in the presentation. Whether encrypted tables, video, etc. ..


Page Layout Ribbon

The Page Layout Ribbon allows to easily change the design and overall appearance of the presentation.


Formulas Ribbon

The Formulas Ribbon allows you to find specific formulas for your needs, manage and find errors in formulas, etc..


Data Ribbon 

The Data Ribbon helps with all the data analysis. For exemple if you have a huge quantity of data, it will help you sort it out, find what you are looking for.



review ribbon 

The Review Ribbon allows to correct, comment and protect the spreadsheet.


view ribbon 

The View Ribbon allows you to change various display mode


developper ribbon

The Developer Ribbon will be used in advanced mode. It allows programming and very complex operations. You might not even have it on your screen. It is switch on in the main options.


tool ribbons

 The Tool Ribbon appears only when an object is selected and is used to manage the various parameters of this object. In the case of the example here, it is the format Ribbon for a table area. The format Ribbon will be different if an image, drawing, text is selected.