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We collected a nice sortiment of good books about Excel. Check them.



Here some Links to other very useful websites about Excel or similar.

  • Our Facebook page is under this Excel.Made.Easy

  • Simple Excel is about Excel 2000 or Excel 2003, the previous version of Excel Made Easy.

  • If you are the type that likes to learn by watching videos, is featuring a lot of very interesting videos as well as providing free or fee-based Excel Online Courses. The focus of these courses are Excel tips and tricks using business-relevant cases.

  • Vertex42 offers you very good materials and templates as well as we found very good financial calculators.

  • In German you can find the very good site called Excel Tricks ( that covers Excel in the language of Goethe, it contains examples and templates for various usages.

  • Automate Excel has a series of free interactive Excel tutorials on Excel functions, VBA, and keyboard shortcuts.  

  • Very good about pivot table is the site SpreadSheetTo. Have a look there.

  • For those learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the SEO's Guide to Excel which you'll find on Acuity Training

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