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Here some Links to other very useful websites about Excel or similar.

  • Our Facebook page is under this Excel.Made.Easy

  • Simple Excel is about Excel 2000 or Excel 2003, the previous version of Excel Made Easy. Go here.

  • If you are the type that likes to learn by watching videos, is featuring a lot of very interesting videos as well as providing free or fee-based Excel Online Courses. The focus of these courses are Excel tips and tricks using business-relevant cases

  • Vertex42 offers you very good materials and templates as well as we found very good financial calculators.

  • In German you can find the very good site called Excel Tricks ( that covers Excel in the language of Goethe, it contains examples and templates for various usages.

  • Automate Excel has a series of free interactive Excel tutorials on Excel functions, VBA, and keyboard shortcuts.  

  • Very good about pivot table is the site SpreadSheetTo. Have a look there.

  • For those learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the SEO's Guide to Excel which you'll find on Acuity Training


Also do not hesitate to read a REAL book about Excel. A book is the way to have a good and well know reference always next to you.

Microsoft Office of course give you great support.

You can buy good books about Excel on Amazon.

For example about Excel 2013

or for VBA (Visual Basic). This book is highly recommended.

ANd for the one who really wants to know everything about EXCEL 2013.

You can also get Excel 2013 itself.

and for one user only....