Tips and Tricks, FAQ

Tips and Tricks 1

To move in the table without using the mouse: Use the TAB button to move from one cell to another. To go back SHIFT-TAB.

TAB button also allows you to add a line/row at the end of the table. Simply go to the last cell, press TAB and a new line is created.

To add a column, use the Layout ribbon in the Table Tools Ribbons (top right of the screen), and press insert right ot left to insert a column.


Tips and Tricks 2

To quickly edit text, click into the area and press F2. This will put the cell in edit mode.

You can then move in the cell by using the arrow buttons which are much more accurate than the mouse.

You can then also use the Home and End keys.


Tips and Tricks 3

Save as often as possible. CTRL-S. It will avoid that you lose your document for any silly reason like a power shutdown or a crash of the application.


Tips and Tricks 4

To select multiple cells with the keyboard.

GO to the corner (top left, right, bottom left or right) and then press SHIFT.

Holding the SHIFT key, use the ARROWS to go to the opposite corner.


Tips and Tricks 4

To MOVE to the bottom right of your spreadsheet.      Press CTRL-END

To go back to A1, press CTRL-HOME

To BROWSE horizontally, one screen width at a time, ALT-PAGE UP   or ALT-PAGE DOWN

To SELECT ALL the written Area: SHIFT-CTRL-END

The NUMLOCK KEY must not be in (meaning you must have the numeric pad active)

To go to the LOWEST Possible CELL     SHIFT-CTRL-NUMPAD2, and back up with  SHIFT-CTRL-NUMPAD8



Tips and Tricks 5: WILDCARDS

Use the wildcard * and ? in your formulas.

Like VLOOKUP("*tv*", tables1  , 2, False) 

or SUMIF(values , range,  "*e")

Will look up for any phrase with the word TV in it.

*e : will look for any word ending with e

*e?: any word with e as the second last letter.

*e*: any word containing the letter e.


Funny fact

Since Excel 2007, you have a maximum of vertical 1'048'576 Cell and a maximum of 16'384 horizontal Cell (up to XFD). If you think an High definition TV has only 1920x1080 Pixel so much less than Excel. If Excel was fast enough you could display your TV program in Excel :-) but you would need a screen so it is impossible. Also what ever your screen size, you cannot display all the Excel Cells on one TV monitor. You would need more than 8285 HD screen to have one cell per pixel.