Saving, a thing sometimes forgotten....

If not to YOU, but many have already lost hours of work because they forgot to save the document they were working on....

This page is a short reminder about this.

The first thing you do when you create a document for the first time, is to SAVE IT.

Saving is done by pressing CTRL-S or the FLOPPY DISK button in the Ribbon. But CTRL-S is the quickest way.

The Save As Ribbon will appear.

save as ribbon

If you don't know where to save it, then press the BROWSE Icon on the bottom.

browse icon

This will open the following SAVE AS menu and allow you to SELECT the LOCATION of where you want to save your file.

save as

 NAME and SAVE your document where ever you want on your disk, cloud, USB stick, portable Hard disk.

Encryption of files

To protect sensitive data or just to have some privacy, you need to know that you can encrypt any document you create on EXCEL, WORD, POWERPOINT.

This is done in general option in the Tool next to the save button.

Use it wisely and do not forget your password.

2 options. You can allow the reading of your document but protect it from being modified (enter a password only in Password to modify)

Save As option tools

encryption of files


Keep on the good job, these were only some basics. Now you will learn by doing.