Visualize your goals, targets and achievements in life with this Excel Life Target Template

Our life is short, sometimes it seems our life is just too long and we achieve nothing, no goals, no achievements, no realizations, just a great nothingness,

But our life is full of purpose and time we have plenty, actually if you live 100 years, you will have about 36'500 days to live.

If you were to write a page a day, then your book would be 7.3metre thick!! who would read it anyway so better various goals.

But we do not realize how much time this is. So I propose you in this sheet to visualize this on a straight line, putting your life goals and achievements next to each other.

See how it looks like, what can you do to fill the blanks (except sleeping)

So in this sheet you will first enter your achievements and goals in life. You can set small goals as well as big and long term ones.

Do not forget the basic rule, that human tend to overestimate what they can do in the short term (like losing 10kg or 20lbs in 2 weeks) but human also tend to under estimate how much they can achieve with a bit of time, patience and will power (like creating your own company, building a house, writing a book or two, raising children, ...). About the last one, raising children is a tough one and needs a 20 years at least commitment...except if you are planning trophy children (my friend did one, so I do one or two too).

 Here how the first pages looks like:

  life goal achievement table

In this template, you will enter the name of your goal or achievement, then a start date (in the past for something you have done already, like your birth for example ;-)) or today if you plan to start it now, or in the future for targets and goals or achievements you plan for your future.

Then you will put an approximate duration in days, months and years. Be realistic, think that if you have other commitments in life, things will take more time than expected.

The rest is calculated for you. It will tell when your goal is supposed to be achieved and how old you should be by then (just to put things in perspective when you plan long term targets).

The next line is to enter a start date for the visualization of these targets. It will have a default value which is the earliest target you have set. You can change this.

Now you are ready to visualize. We have set 3 views in our Excel template, a monthly vertical view to see up to 7 goals in parallel. (you can add more if you wish). A second vertical view but with a 6 month scale to show your goals and achievement in a shorter and more compressed form and further away in time.

Finally the last part of the goal vizualisation template has a horizontal view that shows a monthly view but quite compact and over many years.

Here the 3 views.

vertical half yearly view

Vertical  Half Yearly view

vertical monthly view for goals

This was the monthly vertical view

And finally the horizontal view of the life goal tracking template will shows your life goals in a nice graphical view.

horizontal monthly view

This were for the 3 views.

Please use this goal tracking template and fill your life with useful and joyful goals and achievements.

Download the template from here.

Once you have vizualised your goals in this template, please use our open topic list to track them and our project management template if you wish to manage them like a pro.


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