Templates useful for Students and Teachers

Excel is a very useful tool for students and teachers. it is used from primary school to high school and University.

We are trying to provide you with you useful Excel templates that you can use too in your daily life.

If you do not find the template that you're looking for, you can write as an email to admin@excelmadeeasy.com and we can support you. Do not hesitate.


List of Excel templates useful for Students and Teachers

Task List or To Do list: never forget any task or action item with our todo list.

Our Manage you Life To do List is another version of the previous to list.

Calendars: with our Excel Calendars you get a nice overview of your year ahead.

A Math Worksheet generator for teachers, students and parents that generate calculation tables and calculation worksheets for quizzes and self-training. It generates homework calculation sheets. Apprenez vos livrets et mathematique avec cette feuille excel qui génère automatiquement des feuille de calcul pour vos enfants. En cette periode de Covid-19, cela est très utile.