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Creating your business or managing your business is fascinating and fulfilling. Excel is a must in both case. When creating a business, using Excel business templates helps you with developing your business plan, managing your budget, logging events and tasks with open topics lists, managing the time schedule of your employee or even yourself with time tracking charts templates. Many tasks are required to keep your business afloat and successful and Excel can help you keep an overview on it.

So please find on this page, the links to many business templates, spreadsheets, Forms and Calculators for Excel that will, we are certain, help you. If you come with an idea and need support, please contact us.

So here are a few of these free business templates. Please feel free to contact us if you need something more.

1) Employee evaluation system for QA (quality) purposes

2) An invoice template with tax and no tax spreadsheets.

3) A purchase order template. Great for small businesses, freelancers, consultant.

4) To do List: how useful is it to have this reminder. Track your TASKS. Get reminded.

5) Percent Change in series of numbers or business or sales.

6) Time Tracking Sheet template for your business or personal work tracking

7) Travel Expense Report Template to record and get your travel accounting in order.

8) Business Plan Support and templates: advice on how to start a business plan.

9) Business Model Template: great business model canvas template to define the business model of your company.

10) SWOT Matrix Template Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Opportunities)

11) Classic looking Purchase order for classic company or family business


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Many other topics are covered in our full list of example. It includes templates about the following subjects:

  • Birthdays and Calendars
  • Budget, Mortgage, Money Management
  • Time Management, Gantt Chart, Project Management, Open Topic Lists, To Do List
  • Health, Fitness, Weight Tracking, Exercise, Health Calculators (the link takes you to this specific page)
  • To Do List, Task List, Personal Organisation
  • VBA, Data Analysis, Tutorials and various functions and formulas
  • Mathematics, Sciences formulas, examples and templates
  • Games, Fun, FAQ and others

Our target is to reach 1000 files that you can select from. Please help us and send us your examples to admin at

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