Mini Exercises in Excel

Here we will do a few exercises or projects together. Hold your keyboard well and lets start.

Bank Loan: you want to know how much you will have to pay for this loan. Let's do it together.

Bank Interest: you want to know how rich you will be in 5 months or 50 years from now. Let's do it together.

Curves: draw some nice curves. A picture is worth 1000 words. Same for curves and graphs.

Love Phrase generator: You are unsure about what to say to your loved one. Let's do a love phrase generator together.

Budget: Lets make a simple budget together.

Kitty Budget: Lets add some Kitty background or any other background (movies, sport, nature, etc...)

To do List: how useful is it to have this reminder.

Kitty To Do List: again lets put a nice HK background to it.

A great Timer: You set a time in minutes and it will remind you to stand up and exercise. Very useful.  (contains a macro to count time passing). It will also record all the time you are in front of the computer and add it to the list.

More Examples: Here you will find other examples of files, templates and also links to other sites with example.