Main Excel keyboard shortcuts as well as Excel mouse sheortcuts

This is the summary page where you will find the main Excel keyboard and mouse shortcuts. On this other page, you will find ALL the Excel keyboard and mouse Shortcut.

A keyboard shortcut is a way of doing one thing in a simpler way.

Instead of moving your mouse and clicking 2 or 3 times, you can do the same by just a simple key combination on the keyboard. This is called a shortcut. Here some of them.

For example, if you want to duplicate an object, there is the long way which is:

  1. first selecting the object,
  2. moving your mouse to the copy button
  3. then moving your mouse to the position or page where you want to have the duplicate,
  4. then move your mouse to the paste or duplicate button.

The short way would be to select the object, press CTRL-C, move to the position where you want the object, press CTRL-V. Done in half the time.

So here the most used keyboard shortcuts

You can find the full list here or for the text formatting find some basics here.

CTRL C: Copy the selected object

CTRL V: Paste the previously copied object.

CTRL S: Save the document (do this as often as you think about)

F12 : opens the save as dialog

CTRL Z: Undo the last action

CTRL Y: Redo the previous action

CTRL B: Bold the selected text

CTRL I: Italic the selected text

CTRL P: to print

CTRL T: create a new table

CTRL F: to find something

CTRL H: to replace something

CTRL B: to BOLD some text

CTRL I: to put the text in Italic

CTRL A: to select all the document

CTRL O: to open a new document

Mouse Shortcuts

The most used would be this one:

CTRL + mouse roller: This will zoom the page while you are rolling your mouse middle button in one direction or the other.

CTRL+ right click: opens the contextual menu allowing you to modify the selected item.