Excel 2013 vs Excel 365

You are wondering what the difference is between the Excel 365 and the 2013 version. .

Office 365 is the rental version of Microsoft Office. Office 2013 is the purchased version

Before the comparison in images, how to make the choice.

If you are an UPDATE FREAK and always need the latest versions, then go for 365.

If you keep your office version for many years and do not MIND about changing so often, then go for Office 2013.

If you use only WORD and EXCEL on a desktop, then Office 2013.

If you have More than 1 PC, then it becomes interesting to use Office 365 as it allows up to 5 PCs.

If you want to use it on a TABLET, then Office 365 is the one. Although there are alternatives to Office in the tablet market like Polaris Office, Kingsuite, Office Suite, etc... for example.

So here in images that come from the Microsoft office website. (the prices might change of course with time).


Microsoft Office Suite 2016 can be found here

Microsoft Office 365 can be found here

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