FAQ: How can I remove the hyperlinks hidden in my spreadsheet?

Excel does not give an easy way to find links and hyperlinks.

Usually you have to know where they are and right click on them and press "edit hyperlink" or "delete hyperlink".

There can be many of these links in a sheet and it can be quite annoying or even impossible to find them all because you have to go cell by cell.

So by using a small macro, you can easily delete them all in bulk.

Do do this, enter macro mode by pressing Alt+F8.

type any name like for a macro and press create

macro create

Then paste the following code in the macro created.

Dim WS As Worksheet
Set WS = ActiveSheet



macro link

Then go to the spreadsheet and press ALT-F8 again.

eliminate links

Once you run the macro all the links will disappear. The text only will remain.

links eliminated