Basics and Important Lessons in Project Management

Our goal is not to teach you project management for million dollars projects or how to bring a man on Mars, this is taught in schools of project management like the PMI institute for a hefty fee and in takes a few years. OUR GOAL IS to give you the basic tools to manage a project in a small to medium company or one of your own projects.

Because project management is about understanding some basic principles and following them through until completion and success of your project. In that case these tools are the same as the ones taught in these schools. These schools give you other tools also, like how to protect you legally, financially against possible problems causes by any unexpected non realisations of some expected turnouts.

Some Basics Principle:

  • Use the tools given to you (like the project charter, the Excel Gantt charts template, the task List, the RASIC or RACI chart, cockpit chart, etc...)

  • Trust yourself and your team

  • Set clear goals and ask your team to confirm their understanding (in writing if possible)

  • Do now over trust and therefore make regular check and status meetings,

  • Set short term goals in order to not lose sight of a task

  • Report to your management on a regular base

  • Close the projects

  • Use the lessons learnt from previous projects

  • Track errors and root cause with the appropriate tools (8D, 5D, 5-Whys, FTA, ....)

  • Because project managemetn is about managing uncertainty and trying to keep chaos in a bottle, always expect the worse.

Here the main tools:

  1. The project Charter gives you authority from your management. The commitment that you will not get sticks put into your wheels.

  2. RASIC, RACI or RASCI Chart or responsibility chart. It defines who is doing what.

  3. Task List or Open Topic List to follow the tasks accurately.

  4. Project timing, Gantt chart and some more explanation about project management

  5. Business Model 101 in Excel explained in many details. Creating your company is the best project ever.


As we are analysing your feedbacks, other project tools will be added here


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