Introduction to Excel

Excel is a component of the Microsoft Office suite which supports Word, the famous word processor, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint to make great spreadsheetsand Outlook the mail system and agenda.

Excel allows you to create high quality spreadsheets that can solve all your basic and more advanced needs in calculation or data sorting. All the spreadsheets can be printed, projected on the screen or shared online and on the net.

Exemple of what it can do:

  • Data collection
  • To do Lists
  • Draw curves, charts, graphs, tables of numbers
  • Sort complex data or big data (where a lot of data is involved)
  • Solve problems, equations
  • Even games can be made with Excel
  • Calculate Loans, Budgets, ...
  • Basic drawing
  • ....and much more

Excel files are recognized by their characteristic icons or extension xls, xlsx, xlt, etc ...

Excel icon

Excel is used worldwide in universities, schools, companies, organizations, and of course in the private sector meaning your home.

This site is dedicated to explain the basics and some important details of Excel so that you become a master in Excel.


Some vocabulary:

A Workbook is the file. It can contain many worksheets, sheets or spreadsheets (you can chose the name.

A Spreadsheet is the sheet on which you enter your data.

Ribbons are menus. But they are not called Menu anymore because they are visual, made ​​of images, rather than text.

Fill handle The small black square at the bottom-right corner of the cell or the selection. When you move your mouse on the fill handle, the pointer changes to a cross.

More words to come....

This was very short introduction but now please jump to the next parts: Do you first spreadsheet!!! step by step or go and check the various Ribbons or start with the basics list definition of sheet, columns, rows, how to use formulas, basic excel formulas, etc...