Free Invoice Template for Excel

An invoice template or proforma invoice serves to show your customers or notify them of the payment they have to do. The invoice includes payment terms and conditions too. An invoice is different from a receipt because invoices are given to customers when they have not paid yet. The receipt, is given to the customer once the payment has been made. It serves as a proof of payment. A good looking invoice gives some status to your company because the invoice is the first thing the customer will see. A bad looking invoice will turn to give a bad impression of your company.

An invoice can be handed to the customer if he buys the product directly from you, or the invoice template can be sent if you have payment terms that allow for later payment.
You can also send or email the invoice and wait for the payment before shipping the goods.

The Proforma Invoice is for the Creation of sale and the Invoice is the Confirmation of sale.
Now it depends with which country you deal. In some countries, customers will pay before seeing the goods and trust you that the goods will arrive as promised and in the quality expected. In some other countries, it is not expected to pay before. You will have to ship the goods first with the invoice and then the customer will have 30 days (or 15 or 60) to pay the amount through the desired channel.

If you need a professionally designed free invoice template you can use this one. If you are a consultant, student, freelancer or a small company, this is the perfect invoice template for you. 

You can find a Excel purchase order template here and also a Excel receipt template is available from here.

Look at the screenshot of this Excel free printable Excel template.

In the top right of the invoice please insert the logo of your company or just remove this part from the invoice. On the left of the top of the invoice, enter the name of your company, its address and other important mailing information.

In the top right area of the invoice you can set the date. Then you can enter the invoice number which is important so that you can easily sort the invoices and then find the invoices.

The bill to part of the invoice template serve to add the name to which the invoice is billed or paid.

The Ship to of this simple invoice template serves to put the address where the parts will be shipped.

excel invoice template


You can add the tax at the bottom of the invoice sheet. This is useful for tax returns that usually ask you to keep a copy of the invoices.

You can download this Excel invoice template here.

Other versions of the Excel invoice free template with a lot of customization can be found here.

We hope that this Excel invoice template will help you.

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