Top 10 templates used in Excel

Here are the top 10 templates used in Excel (actually there are more and I will update this list regularly)

No1, The first one is the expense template, which lets you track your spendings, bills and invoices.

No2, is the detailed task tracking list to remember all the importants things you have to do and when.

No3, is the weight tracking chart: you have to keep healthy and tracking your weight is a good way to do it.

No4, the collection template: lets you list all the items you have, with the acquisition date, their age, their price, who you bought it from, etc....

No5, Job search template. Many are looking for a new job. May be they lost one or are just looking for opportunities. Here the best way to stay organised.

No6, Company time tracking sheet let all your employee have the same time tracking sheet.

No7, Employee evaluation, task tracking list.

No8, Calendar 2018 and 2019.

No9, Invoice template version 1 or The Themed Invoice Tax Template here.

No10, Purchase Order Template is a template of a purchase order that is easily configurable.

No11 Daily Schedule template to plan your days and weeks

No12, Health Log template in order to keep a record of all your illnesses, medicine and doctors

No13, Diabetes Tracking Log Template which gives you a great overview (in a table and in a graphic) of your glucose levels.

And more will come soon.

Visual Overview of the business templates.



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