Books about Excel


You can buy good books about Excel on Amazon here

I tried to select a few books that I feel would suit most of you. They are also affordable.

To be honest, if you buy them through this link, I will get a small commission. Thanks :-)

Here a very good reference. The bible for Excel is a book containing really a lot of examples and good explanations.


Excel For Dummies is a reference too, because we are all are sometimes Dummies, me included, and it is a good and not so expensive book.


Excel for Dummies Formulas and Functions version, goes into the details of essentials functions. A bit like ExcelMadeEasy but on paper.


Now VBA Books.

Visual Basic as you have seen is a big part of Excel. Here some books too.

We start with the dummies which is a good way to get a book on VBA.


The next one is interesting for those who would like to learn not only Visual Basic for Applications which is linked to Microsoft suite, but also Visual Basic which is a language you can run without having the microsoft office suite.


O'Reilly has always good books and this one is no exception. A good insight into Macros with some good examples.


Excel Power Programming with VBA gives you good advices and training.


This would be it for my selection. There are plenty more on Amazon so if you don't find anything here try by going directly on Amazon.

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