Chart Features: Add Text, Titles, etc... to your Charts

Look how to add titles, text boxes and even images to your charts and graphs.

Here a graph with a few add ons.

For those who went to Australia, the drop bears are the Koalas that supposedly drop from the eucalyptus trees... So we calculated their speed.

add text and drawing to charts


Add LABELS to the AXES.

To add Labels to your graphs select the PLUS sign on the right of your graph and click on the various items you want to appear.

Once this is done, the graph will look like this.


Now Double-Click on the various text boxes and type in your labels. Like for any text in Excel, you can change the font, colour, size, etc.....


Finally it gives you this.

chart excel

Add Text boxes

To add a text box, click on your chart first.

Then go into the Insert Ribbon and select the insert shapes text box.

insert text box

Then click and drag a text box in the chart like this.

insert text box in chart

You can now enter any text and change its style to your liking.

Add a Picture

First, and this is very IMPORTANT, click outside of your chart.

Then INSERT a picture and rezise it to the size you wish.

Like here:

insert picture

Here it is resized:

resized picture

Now click on the picture and Copy it with CTRL-C or by pressing the copybutton.

Click on the chart.

And PASTE the picture into it with CTRL-V or


The picture will appear on the top left corner of the graph.

insert picture

You now just need to move it where you want.

You can still change it size and play effects on it.

moved inserted picture

That is it for the insertion of text, image and adding labels on charts.