Embeded Excel sheet in Word

Embed an Excel worksheet in a Word or PowerPoint document and work with Excel in Word or Powerpoint.

You can also do the opposite and use embed files in Excel.

First select the cells you want to copy.


Here is what we want to achieve. For an apple farm we want to know the sales amount and profit for each year.

copied cell embed


then open your word or powerpoint document and select PASTE SPECIAL

paste special  

Once you press OK the part of the Excel you copied will be paste into the Word or Powerpoint document.

embed in word

The same is true in Powerpoint.

powerpoint embed object

Now if you unselect and then double click on the table you will be able to edit the document like a real excel sheet.

Note that the embedded object is part of the Word or Powerpoint file. There's no link to the original Excel file. To create a link, you should have selected Paste Link, Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object.

TIP: BE careful that what you embed in the document is not only the small part you selected but the full excel spreadsheed you originally took the data from. Therefore, if you send this word document or powerpoint presentation further, then you will send the excel too.

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