Example: in a list display only the first day of the month

Sometimes you have alist with dates or other stuff under one another. But you want to see only the first one to make the whole more readable.

Looking at the following example.


Now create the in the B and C columns the following formulas.

B:  = MONTH(B4)

C: =IF(B4=B3,1,0)

The column B and C will later be hidden.

Like following


Now you have to use conditional formating and create a new rule. Before select the column A.

conditional formating

Here it is in RED for the example but if you want to make it disappear, then select the font to be White.

like here

white font

That's it. Now just hide the B and C column by selecting them at the top and right click and select HIDE.

hide columns


hidden dates


You can download this example here.

If you want to have the date horizontaly and have thin excel columns, then you can follow this example.