Sort Positive Values from Negative Values

One of the question we were asked by Emma on Yahoo Answer was how to sort the values entered in the column A of Sheet 1 and put them into the Sheet 2 in column A for the positive values and B for the negative values.

Here the numbers to sort.

sort numbers

You need to use a IF statement in sheet 2.

Like this. 

 In Sheet 2 in A1 enter. =IF(Sheet1!A1>0,Sheet1!A1,"") 

in SHeet 2 in B1 enter =IF(Sheet1!A1>=0,"",Sheet1!A1) 

Then select in sheet 2, the A1 and B1 cell and drag them down to copy the formula to the bottom. 

This will look like this.

if statement

With  the result sorted in 2 columns.

sorted result

Download the sheet from here.

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