Name manager in Excel

Name Manager feature of Excel enables an user to define a name to a range of cells conaining value or formula.

Generally, a data is excel is understood with the help of header under which the data is present.

For example, a sheet may contain hundreds of First Names in column A with the heading as "First Name".

But, when a name or group of names has to be accessed in some other sheet or area, then it cannot be done with the help of header.

The header is just for the user to identify the column and for excel, its also a text like other names in the column.

But, What if the column A is assigned a name that can be refered in other parts of the workbook, whenever any information about the names are required?

The above mentioned facility is made possible in Excel with the help of "Name Manager".

The following example shows the benefits offered by Name Manager.

excel name manager

The names are defined as follows.

1.Select the range.In our case, the range is A13 to A20.

Goto Formula tab and select Name Manager.The Name manager dialog box appears as shown below.

excel name manager

2.Click New button at the top.

excel name manager

The following window appears.

excel name manager

3.Here, The name of the range is given in the "Name" textbox.

We have given the name as "First_Name".

4.The Scope specifies the accessibility of the named range, which by default is workbook.

5.The "Refers to" is where the range is selected.Since we have already selected the range A13 to A20, it will automatically appear.

6.Click OK.

Now the named range can be used in any part of the workbook.


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