Vba cdate function in Excel

The Cdate function Is used to convert a string representation of date into date format.

The date expession must be in any of the excel supported date format, which can be seen from the "Format Cells" dialog box.

The Cdate function has two arguments, and the syntax is as shown below.



The expression is the string containing the date expression

The specifies how to display the date.There are various date formats, some of which are discussed below.

"Long Date", "Short Date" and custome expressions such as "YYYY-DD-MM","MM-DD-YY" are some of the most commonly used.

The Cdate function is very important as most of the date information obtained extrenally from the users are of plain text and

for the excel to identify this as date, it has to be converted.

The following example illustrates this

Sub cdate_demo()

MsgBox "Long Date " & vbNewLine & Format(CDate("2017/4/23"), "Long Date")

MsgBox "Short Date " & vbNewLine & Format(CDate("2017/4/23"), "Short Date")

MsgBox "Custom Date Format " & vbNewLine & Format(CDate("2017/4/23"), "yyyy-mm-dd")

End Sub

The screenshot of the editor is as shown below

excel vba cdate function


excel vba cdate function

excel vba cdate function

excel vba cdate function


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