Vba duration workingdays between two dates in Excel

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

  1. Option Explicit
  2. Sub WorkingDays()
  3. Dim dtStartDate As Date, dtLastDate As Date
  4. Dim lngNoofWorkingDays As Long
  5. ''
  6. dtStartDate = "14/11/2016"
  7. dtLastDate = "14/03/2017"
  8. ''
  9. lngNoofWorkingDays = Application.WorkSheetFunction.NetworkDays(dtStartDate, dtLastDate)
  10. ''
  11. End Sub


a) NetworkDays is a WorkSheet function and not a VBA function. To invoke the function in VBA, "Application.WorkSheetFunction." has to be prefixed to the function.

b) The function also supports a 3rd argument for taking into account holidays while doing the working days computation. For instance, if Holidays list is available in range "H1:H15" in ActiveSheet, then the code becomes

lngNoofWorkingDays = Application.WorkSheetFunction.NetworkDays(dtStartDate, dtLastDate, ActiveSheet.Range("H1:H15"))


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