Text Handling Functions in Excel (part2)

Here some more of the numerous excel text functions. Some basics have been covered in the basic text section.

We are going to explain here LOWER, UPPER and the FIND function.

Converting you text to UPPER case or LOWER case

When handling input text from the user, you might want to reuse this text and re-display it somewhere else or want to have it formatted always the same way.

upper lower

That's it. The Upper and Lower functions are quite useful to convert your text.

 Upper(cell) converts the cell text to Upper case

Lower(cell) converts the cell text to Lower case.

FIND function

Do you want to find text in sentence. This can be done with the FIND function. It lets you look for text in a long text using the FIND function

find function

The FIND function returns the position of the first letter of the word you are searching or an error if the word does not exist.

FIND("look for me", "Do you look for me here", startposition)  will return 8, as the "l" of "look" is on the 8th position.

FIND(cell1, cell2, start position)

FIND(find_text, within_text, start_position). The Start_position is optional.


So that's it for these Text Handling Functions in Excel. 

 Now, let's use them....