Manage your LIFE, you have only one (most of you :-)

How overwhelming is life sometimes. You have so many things to do privately, on the job, with your friends, with your kids and it never ends.

If you look for a Task List for your daily WORK then go to this Open topic page but if you look for something nice and to use in your private life than stay tuned.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to select and prioritize all the stuff you have to do.

Excel Made Easy created a task list template that can help you here. By using the correct template like our open topic list, you can set your priorities and let Excel remind you. 

In this "manage you life" template or task list you enter a creation date first by pressing ctrl semi-column (;) This lets you know when you entered the task in the list.

So if you have a task started in the 4th July 1985, you know that you are quite late and may be this task is not actual (;-)

Then you enter the task name or action item, which is a description of what you have to do. You can enter a task as long as you wish there is not limit to your imagination in describing what you want to do.

Then you enter the priority, is it urgent, can it wait or should you eventually do this task.

After you enter the planned finishing date. The Status will automatically be displayed and it will change over time and go towards Overdue once you are late.

When you are finished with the task, the status will turn to completed. Congratulation.

manage your life open topic list


Download the manage your life task list template from here.


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