Excel Diabetes Tracking Log Template

Diabetes is touching more than 400 million people around the world. This represents about 8% of the human population. This is HUGE.

Managing diabete is about keeping your blood sugar level as close to the normal as possible.
It is also important to track you measurement and eventually to look into the past to see its evolution over time

Therefore an excel tracking sheet or blood sugar log sheet for excel that is compact enough to be used on a mobile phone display is very useful.
You can enter the data and see all on the mobile phone as well as later on the computer screen.

This page is not intended to give medical advice or anything similar. It only offers a Diabetes measurement Excel tracking sheet or Excel Log.

You will see in this diabetes tracking sheet that the 2 first columns include a morning an afternoon measurement. You can easily add a third column if needed or ask us if you can't. We will gladly help. The other columns are reminder for your medicine taking, asking if you checked your body for blister, did you clean your teeth and did you eat healthy vegetable or fruits. Finally you can enter the numbers of minutes of excercise.


diabetes tracking sheet in excel


Before using this diabetes tracker log template or blood sugar log sheet for excel, you must configure it by entering the various values like you normal glucose range, medium and max ranges. The value in blue, is the number of minutes you did before the 1st of the month, This allows you to create on sheet per month or on tab per month.

If you want to enter data in mmol/L or mg/dl this is possible. Just type this value in the colored filled.

In the version with a VBA Macro, you will be able to back up automatically you sheet by pressing a button.

This is the mmol/L version.

diabetes tracking log sheet

In the mg/dl version of the diabete log template it looks like this.

diabetes tracking log sheet

This is the non Macro Excel Version of the Diabetes tracking Log Chart Template. It can be used in Google Sheets for example or on your mobile phone.

diabetes tracking log excel sheet


You can also track your exercises/workout times with this diabetes tracking sheet. Usually it is recommended to do at least 2h30 to 3 hr or sport per week. This represents about 25minutes of activity per day. The sheet shows you your average over the last 7 days.

The sheet also give you a nice monthly graph of your glucose values. You can have the choice between many graphic designs. Here a diabete chart with just lines


Here you Excel Graphic Diabete Log with Areas


Here you Excel Graphic Diabete Log with Areas and Lines


There is one additional column you can add to your table which is your weight. Of course you do not need to go on the scale every day but doing so keeps you alert on any changes. You can add the weight in the table if you wish like on the following picture on the right side.


Download the Excel diabetes tracker log template under this link. You can use this Diabetes tracking sheet for Excel and Google Sheets.

A reminder about healthy eating can be found on our health page.

Congratulation, and good luck with your health.