Employee task tracking template and QA system

In a perfect world everyone would do his job to the fullest, do her or his tasks without the need of being supervised. In a perfect company, everyone takes his responsibilities, does his tasks and also remember the tasks he was assigned to do and/or he assigned to others. But as the world has a few imperfections, Excel Made Easy created the Open Topic List or task tracking list.

Of course tracking your team's tasks with a task tracking template is only necessary if you feel you do not have the overview or need to keep a very close eye on their tasks.

There are a few things of upper importance when defining tasks of a team.

Usually tasks are a top-down process. The task is one of the action that help your company to achieve its strategy and its visions.

So most important is that you, as a team leader, need to identify clearly what they have to do or define together the tasks to achieve.

The task has to be clearly defined with a defined goal, a defined deadline and responsibilities.You can inspire yourself from the 7 points list defined by Jayson DeMers in it article "7 Guidelines for Delegating Tasks to Employees".

The employee task tracking template offered here allows you to enter the tasks you were assigned to do as well as the tasks you are assigningto others or the tasks others told you they would do. By setting clear goals and deadlines, this task tracking template will remind you in different colours when the task starts being late, when the dead line is reached and when the task is late.

This employee task tracking template is for project managers to manage their cross functional team, for team leaders, for upper management to keep track of the various tasks going on in their departments.

Looking at the following example.

employee evaluation system

An endless number of tasks can be entered in the list. The tasks will be greyed out if the task is completed. The employee task tracking template lets you then filter the tasks out if you do not want the completed tasks to appear.

This is based on the OTL Open Topic / To Do List Template. It can be used in Excel and in Google Sheets as well as other compatible programs

You can download the employee task tracking template here