Windows 8 or Windows 10 does not start and stay in endless loop

When Windows 8 or windows 10 does not start and keeps restarting in a loop. This is one solution that helped us start the computer again and saved us from reformatting as it was indicated by Windows.

windows 8 10 automatic repair

When in Automatic repair, it starts by " diagnosing your pc" then go into the advanced options and press on the Command Prompt menu. Do this if you have not tested the other options like "refresh your pc" or "automatic repair"

windows 8 10 automatic repair

command prompt


Here you will go to the following directory


by typing


cd windows

cd system32

cd config

then you should backup the current files called "Default", "SAM", "Security", "Software" and "System"


ren Default default1

ren SAM SAM1

ren security security1

ren system system1

ren software software1

then go back to the previous directory by typing cd..

finally copy the backup file into the main directory

go into the directory C:\Windows\System32\Config\RegBack


cd regback

then copy the file

copy * C:\Windows\System32\Config\

this has copied the files. So exit now by typing exit

And restart the computer

Hopefully this works for you too.

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