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The ideal weight is a personal thing. Ideal weight and healthy weight might not be the same for a person. Everyone has to decide by herself or himself what his ideal weight is. Some feel good and healthy with just skin on their bones, some like to have a bit of adipose or fat tissue over their bone, some don't care.

Nevertheless, scientists, psychologist, nutritionist and also marketers have come with a magic number called BMI or Body Mass Index, that gives you an indication if your weight is ideal or not. It does not mean you have to believe it, and like for everything there are exceptions to the rule.

In any case, here a small calculator that gives you your BMI based on your weight and height. If you feel overweight and the BMI result is in the healthy weight, then it is your choice to decide to lose weight. Just be careful not to fall in the extreme and turn anorexic. Because normal people do not like other people that look like skeletons. It is just unnatural. You have plenty of time after your passage on this planet to look like a skeleton :-).

Body Mass Index is an indicator of where you stand in terms of weight in regards to you height. Do you have overweight, underweight or are you in the healthy normal range.

It is a simple number that will tell you if you have a healthy weight (18.5-25) , are under-weight (16-18.5), over-weight (25-30) or even obese (>30) or too underweight (be careful of anorexia) (<16).

Beware: IF YOU ARE A CHILD OR A TEENAGER then the normal BMI calculation does not apply to you so LOOK at this Children BMI calculator to see if the values are fine. Children and teenager need energy and gaining and losing weight is normal for them. Of course if you eat and live healthy. If you sit in front of the computer (like right now :-)) all day then this is unhealthy and you might be unhappy about your weight. Do sport, sport creates endophirnes (a substance that is created by your brain and makes you happy). I speak about real sport (in the real world) not e-sport.

If you are in the non normal zone, than please take some measures improve your health.

Overweight: Do not forget, the best diet is eat half of what is in your plate, or eat it only half if you are not in charge of filling your plate. Sport helps too (;-). Even Walking around the block.

Underweight: Why are you underweight has to been found first, because food there is plenty. So no excuse here. Look for professional advise or just eat a bit more.

When you press the button, the page will reload and your BMI will be displayed under the box.   

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Here a BMI chart.

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