Basic math functions: ceiling, combin, exp, fact, floor

Excel Function CEILING

The Ceiling() function is used to round a given number to a specified multiple.

This function can also be used with negative numbers.

The number is rounded to the nearest integer of the multiple value.


Random number Ceiling Formula
26 30 =CEILING(L9,5)
45.964 50 =CEILING(L10,5)
97.234 100 =CEILING(L11,5)
4.556 5 =CEILING(L12,5)
-9.4 -5 =CEILING(L13,5)
9.4 10 =CEILING(L14,5)



Excel Function COMBIN

The COMBIN() function is used to determine the number of combinations of a given number of items.

The function takes number of digits in each group for a given number of items.

The syntax is as below.


For example, to find the number combinations of 8 items by grouping them into two per group,

the following formula can be used

excel basic math functions ceiling combin exp fact floor

No. of Items Group No. of combinations Formula
4 2 6 =COMBIN(L20,M20)
4 3 4 =COMBIN(L21,M21)
6 2 15 =COMBIN(L22,M22)
6 3 20 =COMBIN(L23,M23)
2 1 2 =COMBIN(L24,M24)
2 2 1 =COMBIN(L25,M25)



Excel Function EXP

The EXP() function is used to determine the exponential value of a number.

The value of e is 2.71, and EXP represents 2.71 raised to the specified power.

This function is the inverse of natural logarithm.

To determine EXP for other bases, the symbol ^ can be used.

Number EXP Formula
2 7.38905609893065 =EXP(L38)
5 148.413159102577 =EXP(L39)
7.76 2344.90460527589 =EXP(L40)
1 2.71828182845905 =EXP(L41)
10 22026.4657948067 =EXP(L42)
13.4 660003.224766157 =EXP(L43)



Excel Function FACT

The FACT() function returns the factorial of a given number.

The factorial of a number is the product of the number and all other integers below it upto 1.

The factorial is very useful in probability and statistical calculations.

The factorial cannot be determined for negative numbers.

Number FACT Formula
2 2 =FACT(L52)
5 120 =FACT(L53)
7 5040 =FACT(L54)
11 39916800 =FACT(L55)
0 1 =FACT(L56)
-2 #NUM! =FACT(L57)

As seen above, the factorial of the negative number results in error.

Also, the factorial of zero is 1. This is fixed.



Excel Function FLOOR

The FLOOR() function rounds the number to nearest multiple of a specified number.

This function rounds the number down towards zero.

This function cannot be used with negative multiple number for a positive number and results in error.

This function works only with numeric values.

Number Multiple FLOOR Formula
2 2 2 =FLOOR(L67,M67)
5 3 3 =FLOOR(L68,M68)
0.375 0.1 0.3 =FLOOR(L69,M69)
4.9 2 4 =FLOOR(L70,M70)
2 -2 #NUM! =FLOOR(L71,M71)
-2 -2 -2 =FLOOR(L72,M72)

As seen above, a positive number with a negative multiple number results in error.


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