Basic math functions: degrees, radians, rand

Excel Function DEGREES

The DEGREES() function is used to convert the angle from radian to degrees.

This function takes single parameter; angle in radians.

The formula for converting radians to degree is as given below:

180 Degrees= pi Radians

Angle (Radians) Formula DEGREES()
10 =DEGREES(L4) 572.957795130823
2 =DEGREES(L5) 114.591559026165
0 =DEGREES(L6) 0
1 =DEGREES(L47) 57.2957795130823
0.4 =DEGREES(L8) 22.9183118052329



Excel Function RADIANS

The RADIANS() function is used to convert the specified angle in degrees to Radians.

This function takes a single parameter; angle in degrees.

The formula for conversion is as below:

Angle in Radians= Angle in Degrees * (pi / 180)

Angle (Degrees) Formula RADIANS()
180 =RADIANS(L17) 3.14159265358979
190 =RADIANS(L18) 3.31612557878923
360 =RADIANS(L19) 6.28318530717959
90 =RADIANS(L20) 1.5707963267949
30 =RADIANS(L21) 0.523598775598299



Excel Function RAND

The RAND() function is used to generate a random real number.

The number generated ranges from 0 to 1.

This function has no parameters.

This function can also be used to generate number greater than 1 by multiplying by appropriate value.

Formula RAND()
=RAND() 8.71931576451742E-02
=RAND()*10 5.6931968599888
=RAND() 0.518657920461971
=RAND()*1000 978.048370294941
=RAND() 0.570967951642276


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