Database functions: daverage, dcount, dcounta, dget

Assuming the following data, let's go through the excel database functions.

Year Quarter Profit Criteria
2011 1 1000 Quarter Profit
2012 1 2000 2 >2000
2011 2 1340
2012 2 3400 Quarter Profit
2011 3 2345 1 >1000
2012 3 4500
2011 4 6000 Quarter Profit
2012 4 10000 4 <>5000



Excel Function DAVERAGE

The DAVERAGE() function returns the average of values in a column of a database or range,

that satisfies a specified criteria.

The syntax of this function is as given below:

DAVERAGE(database or range, column or field, condition)

DAVERAGE () Formula
3823.125 =DAVERAGE(L3:N11,"Profit",O4:P5)
2000 =DAVERAGE(L3:N11,"Quarter",O7:P8)
8000 =DAVERAGE(L3:N11,"Profit",O10:P11)



Excel Function DCOUNT

The DCOUNT() function returns number of number of cells with numeric values from a database.

These values are fetched from a specified column based on a specified condition.

The Syntax of this function is given below:


DCOUNT() Formula
1 =DCOUNT(L3:N11,"Profit",O4:P5)
1 =DCOUNT(L3:N11,"Profit",O7:P8)
2 =DCOUNT(L3:N11,"Profit",O10:P11)



Excel Function DCOUNTA

This function returns the count of non blank cells from a specified column of a database

This function is also based on some user specific criteria.

The syntax is as given below:


DCOUNTA() Formula
1 =DCOUNTA(L3:N11,"Quarter",O4:P5)
1 =DCOUNTA(L3:N11,"Profit",O7:P8)
2 =DCOUNTA(L3:N11,"Year",O10:P11)



Excel Function DGET

The DGET() function returns a value from a specific column of a database based on a specific criteria.

The syntax of the function is as follows:


DGET() Formula
3400 =DCOUNTA(L3:N11,"Quarter",O4:P5)
2000 =DCOUNTA(L3:N11,"Profit",O7:P8)


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