Information functions: na, type, isformula

Excel Function NA

The NA() function is used to display a '#N/A' error.

This error message means that, there is no value available.

This function is mostly used with automated excel sheets.

The excel will display this error message by default. When there is not any value that is being referred.

NA() Formula
#N/A =NA()



Excel Function TYPE

The TYPE() function is used to find the type of value supplied as argument.

The syntax of this function is as given below:


TYPE() Formula
1 =TYPE(1)
64 =TYPE({1,45,6})
16 =TYPE(NA())



Excel Function ISFORMULA

The ISFORMULA() function is used to determine if a specified cell contains formula.

This function returns TRUE, if there is a formula and FALSE, otherwise.

This function is available from Excel 2013 onwards.

The syntax is as given below:


Value ISFORMULA() Formula
2 True =ISFORMULA(L27)
2 False =ISFORMULA(L28)
0 True =ISFORMULA(L29)
#N/A False =ISFORMULA(L30)
Hello False =ISFORMULA(L31)


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