How to do date and time zone conversion in excel in Excel

How to do Date + Time Zone conversion in Excel??

Hi Experts, I am seeking help to understand the way of doing Date/Time Zone conversion from one excel column to other column. 

In brief, Say I have a Date/Time value in mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM format in column A1 which is actually a PST Time, now I need a formula to convert it to IST format in column B1 but the Date/Time format should remain same i.e. mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM

I am not at all good in Excel so thought of seeking some assistance here. I feel it’s a complicated task and if anyone can help me…it will be great and I will be thankful from the bottom of my heart. 

Thanks again for sparing time to read my query. 



IST is 12.5 ahead of PST so just enter in B1: =A1-"12:30:00"

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