Add interval to date in Excel

For example, I track my deposits and withdrawals every Wednesday as shown below. Instead of manually typing the dates, is there any way I can use a formula to get the dates?

excel add interval to date

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Enter the first date (02-Aug-17 in this case). Enter the formula =DATE(YEAR(B3)+0,MONTH(B3)+0,DAY(B3)+7) in the next cell. Drag the formula all the way down to end of Date column.

This formula can be used to introduce any interval to dates (any combination of years, months and days) or to add any duration to dates.

Since in the current example, the interval required is "weekly", value added to Year and Month are 0 while it is 7 for days.

excel add interval to date


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