Insert watermark in the worksheet in Excel

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Click on "Header & Footer" under "Insert".

excel insert watermark in the worksheet

b) The display changes to "Page Layout" view automatically as shown below. The "Header & Footer Tools" tab appears. Under it, click on "Picture" with cursor in Header section, .

excel insert watermark in the worksheet

c) In the "Insert Picture" dialog box that comes up, navigate to the folder containing the watermark picture, select the picture and click on Insert.

excel insert watermark in the worksheet

d) Double click on any cell to come out of Header. Watermark picture is now added to worksheet.

excel insert watermark in the worksheet

Note: To come back to "Normal" view from "Page Layout" view, click on "Normal" under "View" as shown below.

excel insert watermark in the worksheet


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