Vba prevent user to see macro code in Excel

For example, I have a very complex macro based WorkBook that I share with people outside my organization. I would like to prevent outsiders from accessing my macro code.

This is also very useful to protect your VBA code that against copy and to protect your copyrights.

VBA code password protection is a good thing to do when you spent a lot of hours developing some code and that you do not want to be copied or modified

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) In the VBA Editor, right click on "VBAProject (FILE)". Click on "VBAProject Properties".

excel vba prevent user to see macro code

b) "VBAProject - Project Properties" window pops up. Click on "Protection" tab.

excel vba prevent user to see macro code

c) Check "Lock project for viewing". Enter a Password. Confirm Password. Click OK.

excel vba prevent user to see macro code

d) When the file is opened the next time, a "VBAProject Password" dialog pops up. To gain access to the code, right password has to be entered.

excel vba prevent user to see macro code


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