Address() function in Excel

The address() function returns the cell address in text format of a defined row and column. The Excel ADDRESS function returns the address for a cell of a row and column number. For example, ADDRESS(2,7) returns $B$7. ADDRESS(row,column, relative or absolute) can return a relative address or absolute address.

Address Example: =ADDRESS(2,2) will give you $B$2

This is useful for browsing tables or finding values somewhere in the sheet.

ADDRESS function excel

Use it in conjunction with INDIRECT and you have a very powerful tool.


Columns function, Rows function in Excel

The Excel Rows Function and Columns functions give you the number of columns and rows in a table.

This is very useful when you have a big table and want to know its size.

rows and columns in excel

Column, Row function (without an s)

This function returns the Column and Row value of a certain cell

Like COLUMN(C2) will give you 3. ROW(C2) will of course give 2.

column row function

Here an example on how to find the address of a name in a table. It uses the MATCH, ROW, COLUMN, ADDRESS and INDIRECT functions

indirect match

The important is that you understand how these functions can be used together.


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