SumIF and SumIFS functions in Excel explained

These function will help us to create formulas to findout the sum of all values meeting a condition or more than one condition.

For EXAMPLE:  how many Products A were sold by Sales Person B in March.

Here it is how it is done in the case of sales done by a sales team.

sales sumif


We want to know how many tablets have been sold.

This is done by doing SUMIF(A2:A21,"Tablet",C2:C21)


Now we would like to know how many tablets have been sold by Leon.

So we use the SUMIFS function SUMIFS(C2:C21,A2:A21,"Tablet",B2:B21,"Leon")


See how useful this function is. You could add one more column with the month and ask how many tablets sold by Leon in March.


Download the sheet from here.

For earlier Excel version download from here.

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