Free Invoice Template for Excel

Download a free Invoice Template for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. An Invoice is a document that you give to your customer usually before you provide him the goods. The invoice can also be done at the same time of the delivery. The invoice includes the information the customer need to pay for the good. Also the list of the goods will be appearing on the invoice.

A professionally designed free Excel invoice template that can be used as soon as downloaded. This invoice is, at the same time, simple and very useful. If you are a consultant, student doing tutoring, freelancer or a small company, this is the perfect tax invoice form for you.

If you do not need an invoice but the pendant of it, you can find a purchase order template here and a receipt template is available from here.

The main invoice template look like following but you can customize it as described here under.

You have a Tax version and a no Tax version.

tax and no tax invoice template for Excel

This is the full invoice excel template

simple invoice template 

In this excel invoice template you can change the themes very easily by going under Page Layout and selecting a theme.

theme selection

Look at the possible screenshot of this Excel invoice template.

On the top left of the invoice template, enter the name of your company, its address and other important mailing information. In the top of the invoice template, please insert the logo of your company or just remove this part from the invoice template.

In the middle right area of the invoice template you can set the date. Then you can enter the invoice number which is important so that you can easily sort the invoices and then find these invoices again.

The "bill to" part of the excel invoice template serve to add the name to which the invoice is billed or payed. The shipping is supposed to be at the same address as the bill address.

The same tax invoice template in a different style.

simple invoice excel template different theme

And another style for this Excel invoice template.

excel invoice template different theme


Using this free and simple tax invoice template, you can then modify this invoice template at will.

This invoice template is totally free to use. It can be used in Excel, Google Sheets as well as Free Office, Polaris, Libre Office, ...

You can download this Excel Invoice template here.

We hope that this free Excel invoice template will help you.

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