Display names manager in Excel

For example, as seen in attached screenshot, a given Excel workbook has a number of Named Ranges. In Excel, how do I get a list of the "Named Ranges" in the Excel workbook for verification or coding.

When there are few names in the worksheet, it is easy to check manually. However if the worksheet has many names, manual check becomes tedious.

excel display names manager

excel display names manager

excel display names manager

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

To create a list of "NAMES" in a worksheet,

a) Select a cell in an empty area of the worksheet (to prevent the list from overwritng existing information). Press F3. Paste Name dialog box appears.

excel display names manager

b) Click "Paste List" button. List of all "NAMES" used in the Excel workbook and their corresponding addresses is created.

excel display names manager


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