Vba frame control display in Excel

The Frame control is also called as groupbox control.

As the name suggests, this control is used to hold a set of controls within its area.

This control is generally used with radio button or option button control.

So as to enable the user to choose more than one choice at a time.

The frame also has a number of properties, but are least bothered as it is mainly used as a container.

Some of the properties which are occasionally used are

1.Picture property

This is used to specify the background picture of the frame or container


This property is used to specify the position or alignment of the picture


This property is used to specify the size of the picture to be used in the control.

The following figure shows the use of frame control

excel vba frame control display

From the above screenshot, there are two frames namely "Frame1" and "Frame2".

Each frame has two optionbuttons and the user can select 2 options.

But without the frame control, the user can select one and only one choice alone.


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