Concatenate number with text but keeping in number format in Excel

I am concatenating two fields in Excel using an '&' sign, where one is a number and one text.

For example, using the formula =A1&A2 where 

cell A1 contains 'that costs '
and cell A2 contains $50,000

I want to display the sentence 'that costs $50,000'

but instead it converts the number to text to display 'that costs 50000' which is no good to me.

How can I simply set it up to display the '$' and the ','?


=A4 & IF(A5<1000;TEXT(A5;"$#0"); TEXT(A5;"$#,##0"))

this considers numbers under $1000 and numbers between $1000 and under $1million. (supposing your are not selling items higher than $1mio otherwise you would hire a programmer and not ask here ;-))

(for formulas, depending on your country, you might have to change ; with , or the opposite

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