Concatenate with line break in Excel

For example, I would like to combine values in Columns G, H and I separated by line breaks in Column J as shown below. As I have a very big table, doing it manually is very laborious.

excel concatenate with line break

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Enter the formula =G4 & CHAR(10) & H4 & CHAR(10) & I4 in cell J4 as shown below. Drag the formula all the way down to end of the column.

ASCII code for line break is 10. Hence CHAR(10) is used in formula.

excel concatenate with line break

b) All the cells in "Combined Attributes" column have data in desired format.

Note: Select the cells in column and click on "Wrap Text" under "Home" to display as shown in Screenshot. If Wrap Text is not set, the cell values would show up next to each other.

excel concatenate with line break


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