VBA cells object in Excel

In the previous chapters, Range object was discussed.It is simply used to access a contigous range of cells.

The Cells object is used to access a single cell.

The Range object access a cell using its name, like A1,G7 and so on, whereas, Cells object access a cell with the help of Row and Column Index.

The Cells() comes to help, when a row has to be traversed along, with a For loop.

The Range() will be useful to traverse down a column, whereas cells() will be useful for both rows and columns.

The Syntax:


The following example illustrates this:

  1. Sub Cells_demo()
  2. MsgBox "Traversing Row"
  3. For i = 9 To 19
  4. Sheets("Q32").Cells(12, i) = i
  5. Next i
  6. MsgBox "Traversing Columns"
  7. For j = 10 To 19
  8. Sheets("Q32").Cells(j, 9) = j
  9. Next j
  10. MsgBox "That's it"
  11. For i = 9 To 19
  12. Sheets("Q32").Cells(12, i) = ""
  13. Next i
  14. For j = 10 To 19
  15. Sheets("Q32").Cells(j, 9) = ""
  16. Next j
  17. End Sub

As we saw from the demo, The cells method can be used to read or write data along a single row, (L9,M9,N9 and so on).

Whereas with Range, it is not easy to do the same functionality, though, it is more advantageous to read or write along a single column.

The VBA screenshot is as shown below:

excel vba cells object


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