VBA FOR NEXT loop in Excel

The 'For Next' loop statement offers a way to execute a script for a given number of times thus reducing the code size.

The 'For Next' is a Control flow statement and is widely known as "For loop".

This statement comes to rescue when data from a large number of Cells has to be read or manipulated in Excel.

Example: The following example iterates 10 times and stores the value in an Array.

  1. Sub for_loop()
  2. Dim i As Integer
  3. Dim j(10) As Integer
  4. For i = 1 To 10
  5. j(i) = i
  6. MsgBox j(i)
  7. Next i
  8. End Sub


  1. For var_name=1 To 10 Step 1
  1. Next var_name

The For loop always ends with "Next" Keyword followed by variable_name.

The "Step" keyword defines how much to increase on each iteration, The default is 1.

A negative "Step" indicates iteration in Decreasing order.

Editor screenshot

excel vba for loop


A Messagebox is displayed 10 times from 1 to 10

excel vba for loop

excel vba for loop


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