Vba if then else, condition in Excel

No script can be used a achieve a requirement without checking various conditions that must be satisfied.

Excel offers "If Then..Else " for this very purpose.

This statement helps execute a script or part of it based on certain conditions.

Example: Check if a number is graeter than or smaller than the other and execute corresponding code

  1. Sub If_then_demo()
  2. Dim i, j As Integer
  3. i = 2
  4. j = 4
  5. If i < j Then
  6. MsgBox i & " is less than " & j
  7. Else
  8. MsgBox i & " is greater than " & j
  9. End If
  10. End Sub

Here is the script from the editor

excel vba if then else, condition

excel vba if then else, condition

Here is the Result


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