Vba rename multiple sheets with vba in Excel

You have multiple sheets and want to rename them.

For example you want to give them a specific name with an index

Here you will use the For Each Worsheet loop to browse through all the Worksheets and change their name

  1. Sub rename_multiple_tabs()
  2. Dim ws As Worksheet
  3. Dim ws1 As Worksheet
  4. Dim strErr As String
  5. Dim i as Integer
  6. On Error Resume Next
  7. i = 200 'this is where the index starts
  8. For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
  9. Set ws1 = Sheets("MySheet" & i)
  10. If ws1 Is Nothing Then
  11. ws.Name = "MySheet" & i
  12. Else
  13. strErr = strErr & ws.Name & i & vbNewLine
  14. End If
  15. Set ws1 = Nothing
  16. i = i + 1
  17. Next
  18. On Error GoTo 0
  19. If Len(strErr) > 0 Then MsgBox strErr, vbOKOnly, "these sheets already existed"
  20. End Sub

For example you want to rename it to "MySheet200", "MySheet201", �

This is the result of the renaming

excel vba rename multiple sheets with vba


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