Worksheet protection in Excel

Like the Workbook protection, worksheet too can be protected to deny any changes to the whole or some part of the sheet.

For example, if a company wants an excel sheet to be filled by employees, without modifying the existing data, then the sheet and the cells can be protected.

In this way, the user will be able to modify only certain section of the worksheet.

It is to be noted that, Worksheet level protection is not intended as a security feature.

It simply prevents users from modifying locked cells within the worksheet.

Worksheet proection is discussed as below.

1.Choose the worksheet that is to be protected.

2.Goto Review menu and click 'Protect Sheet'.

excel worksheet protection

3.The following window appears.

excel worksheet protection

4.Here, the password is provided in the corresponding textbox.

This window also enables user to provide or deny various privileges to the end user.

For example, the author can allow the end user to delete rows or columns and so on.


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